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Heres where all the art is kept - thats fanart, wallpapers and gallery links - you'll find all our Canis Lupus art in the comic gallery!


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Wallpapers! (1024x768)

Lazy Days In the Stars Fly Philippe Rain For the Boys For the girls Blood Philippes Painting


Study Time This is our very first piece of Canis Lupus fanart! It was created by Nigellashade (aka Marisa and Myrhia) and it shows an excellent depiction of both Dante and Phillipe.
Chibi Second piece of fanart, a cute chibi of Phillipe by Krysti! Can you resist those cute big eyes?
Plushie! An adorable little white wolf plushie knitted by our very own Rabbie! Is there any end to my slaves talents? *evil laugh*
Ghost A lovely watercolour by infamousluvluv that shows an altogether different portrayal of Dante.
Dante and gang A fantastic piece of fanart by Jay-em of Dante and the gang using a really fun and interesting style.
Fridge Raid A hilarious picture of Dante raiding the fridge by Sad White Raven - it couldn't be more true and we love the boxer shorts...

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